About Cebu tele-net

Since the founding of our company in 1994, Tokyo, Japan, our top
priority has always been placed on the customer’s perspective.
While IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and other automated
technologies became the accepted trend in this industry, we
remained focused on providing customer support with real human
interactions and empathy, not emotionless automated messages.
Since we have direct communication with our client’s customers, we
are able to gain valuable insight into the customer’s thoughts and
experiences, and as a result we can suggest ways to improve quality
and revenue for our clients, while also conveying the client’s
branding and company philosophy to their customers in a friendly
and professional manner.
This is the reason why we have been successful in Japan to this day,
for over 20 years. By delivering high quality services and going the
extra mile to make our client’s happy, while also offering
competitive and cost effective pricing to our clients in Japan. Now
our goal is to achieve the same success in the global market!